I've been seeing the world, 

now I'm taking you with me.

photo: Nordvågen, norway

Welcome! I'm Bren, and I'm super pumped you're here.

It's been almost ten years since I left my accounting job and started my journey around the world. It only took one trip; after that I was hooked and could think about nothing else. I wanted to live on the road forever. 

Unfortunately there weren't many blogs like this back then. I had to figure out nomadic life on my own.

The good news is, I did! Today I'm blessed to have spent the last decade travelling full time, and I'm still going. But now I have a new goal: To take you with me. Travel is much more accessible today and this site was created to help you travel more. Whether it's just one dream trip, or you want to travel forever, I want to help.

This page is designed to help you get started. I've spent hundreds of hours writing travel guides on this blog and below I've collated some of my most popular articles. Here you will learn everything you need to become a master traveller. Everything is free - there is no paid section on my site, and all my guides are open to everyone. So take your time. As you'll see, there's a lot to learn. If you ever have a question, leave a comment on the article! I always respond.

At the bottom of this screen is a subscribe box. If you're enjoying the blog and want more, you can subscribe to get my free travel course and my 70 page book on creating a life of travel. Both are designed for those doubly serious about building a life on the road. Again, all free. Just fill the box at the bottom of this screen, or click here to jump there now.

Until then enjoy the blog! Hopefully we'll talk soon.

Become a Master Traveller:

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Life On The Road:

Travel produces many more challenges than just finding cheap flights and places to sleep. To give a balanced view of #roadlife, I write posts on all the good and bad from day to day life on the road.

For more articles about life on the road, you can click here to visit the blog.

Get Paid While You Travel:

A fundamental skill of #roadlife is the ability to earn income while travelling.
I do this in multiple ways, all outlined in these free step-by-step guides:

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On Travel and Life:

Essays on life from almost a decade on the road.

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The Stories:

The original travel blogs were about stories. This blog contains over 20 long-form stories in memoir form, about the people and experiences the road has brought into my life. They are the foundation of my blog.

Gorgeous piece of writing about a personal journey into dance in Ecuador's capital.

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For even more articles, you can visit the blog, or browse through the archives.


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