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Laps and Miles in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a place talked about often in my circles. Fellow bloggers and readers just assume I’ve been there, being the hotspot for anyone who works on a laptop. But somehow I’ve managed to miss Chiang Mai for an entire decade of globetrotting. In December I finally had some Read more

Love Cape Town

At first glance, The Zebra Crossing was just your regular hostel. Fifty beds, small lounge, small kitchen, little courtyard for the smokers. But like all good hostels, it was operated with love. And like all hostels operated with love, it became home. It was Doniel who checked me in. The Read more

Running The Singapore Marathon

When deciding to do the Singapore Marathon there was a big question mark over it for a few weeks. I had just finished my first marathon at Auckland, but something told me I still had more to give. With all I’d learned at that race, plus a few more weeks of training, I was confident Read more

A Day In Honiara

I’m skipping the hotel breakfast. I already know what it’s going to be. Eggs, bacon, fruit, sausages. And fish of course. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Sounds delightful actually. It’s just, we’ve only got one day in Honiara, and I’d Read more

A Day In Gizo

Life is good at Fatboys. It took us a little while to get out here, in our little boat, zooming across the ocean. But wow, it was worth the trip. This charming resort on an island of its own, surrounded by calm and crystal waters. When heading to Fatboys the first question is, why Read more

A Day In Munda

It’s our first full day in The Solomons. We’re in Munda, having breakfast at the Agnes Gateway Hotel, just around the corner from our guesthouse. Sarah is having eggs, Samantha is having sausages. I’m the only one having fish. Because apparently, that’s the thing to do Read more

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