photo:  tankwa town, south africa

The following are long-form narratives of travel experiences that were special to me. I've written them in memoir form as a way to remember them. I hope you enjoy them.

Gorgeous piece of writing about a personal journey into dance in Ecuador's capital.

It Started At a Salsa Club in Quito

This story retells my 3 month journey of learning to dance in Quito, and how salsa became a journey not only of dance, but of friendship, self discovery and understanding how music connects all of us.

I Found New Zealand In Ahipara

Often we travel to the most faraway places looking for adventure, but sometimes the greatest lessons are found in our own backyard. A surf trip to Ahipara became a lesson into myself, and what it means to be a New Zealander.

Melancholic in Montpellier

They say it's the people that make the place. After five weeks studying French in France's south, I was forced to reflect on why we travel, and how the friendships we form end up becoming the heart and soul of our journeys.

Sometimes travel isn't about travel at all. Five days in London brought back many blessings and demons. Here's my diary.

Five Days In London

Over five days in London I'm reminded of the old 9-5 life I left behind, the things and people I miss, and the reasons I still continue to live on the road.

A Bowl Of Potato Soup In Rotorua

Often when you travel, you meet people. Sometimes, those people could be someone special. Or maybe not. But often you never get the chance to find out. A Bowl Of Potato Soup is the travel story we all have but never tell.

Big Trouble In Little Kraków

During my trip through Poland, I was reminded of how quickly things can turn bad on the road. Big Trouble is a story about an innocent night gone wrong, and a reminder to keep your wits about you, wherever in the world you might be.

Under Stars In The Sahara

Sometimes we go places and don't see the things we expect to see, or feel the things we expect to feel. After spending one night stargazing in the Sahara, I came back a different traveller. A story about moments, and how they change us.

To Where The Northern Lights Go

I spent one week on a lonely hunt for the Aurora Borealis on the northern roads of Norway. In what turned out to be an incredible adventure, I was reminded that it's the journey, not the destination, that makes our travels magical.

A Tammisaari Story

Often people drive straight through small towns, taking nothing but a cup of coffee and an afterthought. But if you look beneath the surface, you can usually find something charming, something special, something you might just remember for life. A Tammisaari Story is a story about exactly that.

When In Berlin

People from all over the world flock to Berlin, many aspiring to put down roots and call the city home. I cross paths with an interesting collection of characters, giving me a glimpse at why this city is so loved, from people all over.

Things Are Nice In Switzerland

I get taken into the Swiss countryside by an old friend, which ends up being a week-long parade through quaint and sparkling towns, snow-capped mountains and a picturesque autumn. A story that shows us not only that Switzerland is beautiful, but that old friendship is equally so.

Memories of Málaga

Seven years after my first solo trip, I return to the place where it all began. Memories of Málaga is about going back our roots and discovering why we fell in love with it all in the first place.

A Day In Harare

Often the places we're told not to go are the ones that teach us the most. A Day In Harare is a story about the cities we don't often see, and the friends we make along the way. 

Lost And Found in the Netherlands

Many see travel as a way to find themselves, but what happens when we lose ourselves? Lost and Found is a story about when the road doesn't make sense, and the journey we take to find it again.

Along Mallorca Roads

We take trips to see big things, and eat famous dishes, sit on beautiful beaches. But often it's the things in between that we end up remembering most. Mallorca Roads is a story about the small things, and small moments, that make small trips special.

The AfrikaBurn Diaries

Nothing could have prepared me for the life-changing experience that was AfrikaBurn. In this 5 part series, I recall the week in the Tankwa Karoo desert, surrounded by 12,000 free spirited souls, and the magic we created together.

Love Cape Town

Love Cape Town is not a love story, but certainly a story of lovable characters and a lovable city. At first I thought there was no story to write, but almost a year after it happened, it practically wrote itself. It's a long one, but hopefully brings to life the magic that everyday travel can bring.




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