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Featured Articles

Volunteering in Tanzania – A Flashback Of My Time Teaching In Moshi, Kilimanjaro | The Epoch Times

When Broken Glass Floats: A Chilling Look Into Cambodia’s Tragic Past | The Epoch Times

The Cambodian Circus That Saves Lives | Wanderlust Magazine UK

The Way To Cagbalete Island | Choose Philippines

29 Must Try Filipino Dishes: A New Zealander’s Take | Choose Philippines

Singapore’s Changi Airport Is Pretty Awesome | Boing Boing

Why You Need To Go To Bulgaria | Lentata

If You’re Nervous About Your First Time Travelling, Read this | Huffpost

Guest Posts & Freelance Articles

Thoughts, Praises and Criticisms: A Letter From A Foreigner Who Fell In Love With The Philippines | Our Awesome Planet

Five Kiwi Things To Eat On Your Next Trip To New Zealand | G Adventures

Peru On A Plate: Five Classic Dishes | G Adventures

The 7 Wonders Of China | G Adventures

Top 5 Bangkok Eats | G Adventures

Quito On Less Than $25 A Day | E Tramping

Vacationing In The Philippines On A Budget | Maria Abroad

How I Saved $45,000 In 3 Years To Start A Life Of Travel | Making Sense Of Cents


Featured Traveler: Brendan Lee of brenontheroad.com | Out Of Town Blog

Brendan Lee: On Getting To Know The Philippines | Philippinebeaches.org

Backpacker’s Boutique: Packing Tips From Bren On The Road | Hippie In Heels

Jetsetters Interview: @brenontheroad| The Lazy Travelers

Travel Style: Brendan Lee | Johnny Jet

No More Bean Counting: Why I Walked Away From Accountancy To Travel The World | The Expat Chat Podcast

Travel Tips That Will Save You Money | Radio Live NZ

Storyteller Bren of Bren On The Road | CultureTrav

Hitch-hiking and Couchsurfing through Europe | The Budget Minded Traveler Podcast

Features and site mentions

7 Things Foreign Travelers Are Surprised To Learn About The Philippines | Philippinebeaches.org

Bren On The Road Brings You 33 Things to Eat On Your Next Trip To NZ | The Travel Channel

Pack Your Bags: Shades For Your Next Trip | Sunglass Warehouse

13 Prominent Travel Bloggers On What They Love Most About Travel Blogging | Travelfriendz

7 Coolest Airports In The World | Inc.com

Links You Might Find Useful in New Zealand | Waikato University

Top Vacation Spots For Fitness Fanatics | The Active Times

Travel Internationally Like A Boss | Patch.com

Get More Projects On Elance | IM Creator

How I Afford A Life Of Constant Travel | This American Girl

33 Must Try Kiwi Foods | More FM

Clothes Shopping On A Budget | Finder


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