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30 Free Things To Do In New Zealand!

It’s true – New Zealand is a great place to visit. However, people always seem to have one major complaint about my home country – it’s too expensive. And this, is also true. After many years of travel, I can confirm that New Zealand, particularly the big cities, are some Read more

This Is What’s Wrong With Auckland City

Auckland is a city that raised me. I grew up here – playing soccer on these fields, stealing sour bears out of the supermarket bins, catching those never-on-time buses to school. I am an Aucklander. Yet every year I come back to this city and become more disenchanted. There are a few new Read more

I Found New Zealand In Ahipara

I still remember my first surf class. I wriggled into a wetsuit, lathered my face up with super thick sunscreen and walked down to the beach feeling like Aquaman in my spongy suit with a rocket ship tied to my leg. They say Kiwis love to surf, but at 28 I’d never touched a surfboard in my life. Read more