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Travelling soon? Let me help you!

Below are my guides to various cities around the world. These are all cities I have visited on my travels and are all compiled by me personally (sometimes with the input of locals or city experts). 

The guides focus largely on the different areas of each city, as I've found where you stay always has a heavy influence on the type of experience you have. Other things covered are getting around town, offbeat things to do and advice on smaller things like sim cards and safety.

Like I said, these are all cities I've visited personally, so if you have questions just shoot! I can be reached on Insta, Twitter and FB at the handle @brenontheroad.

asia city guides


Thailand's capital is brimming with delectable street food, the world's best shopping malls, enormous markets and the craziest nightlife in Asia.


One of Thailand's most popular islands, Phuket is blessed with countless beaches, ranging from parties in the sand to romantic and secluded. 


One of Asia's finest metropolises, Singapore will spoil with you world-class food, shopping and maybe the cleanest and safest streets in the world.


A popular beach city in Thailand's south, great for adventure sports, hiking, delicious food, perfect for those something a little less quiet than Thailand's popular spots.


A holiday resort island off the coast of mainland Malaysia, where the tax free indulgences attract tourists and locals alike.

gili Islands

A trio of islands that offer everything from endless backpacker parties to romantic beachside resorts. 


The hectic but mesmerising Philippine capital that often polarises travellers - Manila offers world class shopping and food amongst a city in the process of becoming a world class metropolis.

europe city guides


Germany's infamous hub of weirdness and hedonism, Berlin offers some of Europe's wildest nightlife while offering tourists endless history to explore during the day.


A heartbreakingly beautiful city of winding cobblestone alleys, rustic buildings and incredible food, Lisbon might be one of the most underrated cities in Europe.


Lisbon's forgotten cousin, Porto is a seaside town which does everything just as good as the capital, with less crowds and lower prices.


One of Europe's most charming and progressive cities, Amsterdam has been a staple on the traveller's circuit for decades. This city will surely sweep you off your feet, in more ways than one. 


The Irish capital is overflowing with friendly locals, a rich history and tall cups of Guinness. Not everyone makes it to the Emerald Isle, but those who do seldom regret it!


Arguably the United Kingdom's prettiest city, Edinburgh has been the pride of Scotland for years. Walk the Royal Mile and take in the history, charm and beauty, it won't disappoint.


One of Scandinavia's gems, Stockholm effortlessly blends natural splendour, a preserved history, modernity and sophisticated nightlife and dining. 


Europe's most visited city, Paris boasts a smorgasbord of the world's most famous sites. How will you spend your time in the famed city of love? 


The heart of Britain is a city for the ages. The usual starting point for travels through the United Kingdom, the timeless capital will enamor you with the most classic of food, sights and history.


An impossibly charming small city with medieval vibes, Bruges is the stuff of fairytales. Explore this well-loved gem and all the history it has to offer.

africa city guides


One of Africa's gems, you could be forgiven for thinking this was a city in contemporary Europe. Filled with charming cafes, colourful streets and cultural events, Windhoek is guaranteed to surprise you.


One of Africa's busiest and fastest developing cities, Nairobi is quickly becoming a multicultural metropolis. A raging nightlife, friendly people and a flourishing foodie scene leaves most visitors coming back for more.


A tale of two cities, The Medina in Marrakesh will take you back to traditional Morocco, the New City will show you a newer French inspired Marrakesh of fancy cafes and hipster bars. A special side of Africa.


The economic centre of West Africa, Abidjan is a melting pot of nationalities and cultures. Sitting right on the coast, Ivorians here enjoy the fine life of food, fashion and fun, 7 days a week.


Uganda's capital is a bustling small city with a crazy nightlife and some of the friendliest and laid-back people on the planet. While hectic on the surface, you might find yourself slow enamored with the capital of The Pearl Of Africa.


Diani Beach is a holiday destination on the coast of Kenya. With one of the most exquisite beaches on the continent, it attracts thousands of local and overseas tourists per year, yet still retains its local African charm.

dar es salaam

This coastal metropolis is the commercial centre of Tanzania. Tropical weather, amazing food, a little crazy, but a hundred shades of beautiful. Can't miss!

south america city guides


The charming city in Peru's south, Cusco eminates Latin American flavour with it's winding cobblestone alleys, old Incan buildings and traditional markets. 

buenos aires

Argentina's capital is a melting pot of Latin and European cultures, a city that has stolen many hearts during its rich history.  

oceania city guides


Thailand's capital is brimming with delectable street food, the world's best shopping malls, enormous markets and the craziest nightlife in Asia.


Thailand's capital is brimming with delectable street food, the world's best shopping malls, enormous markets and the craziest nightlife in Asia.


Thailand's capital is brimming with delectable street food, the world's best shopping malls, enormous markets and the craziest nightlife in Asia.


The Cook Islands are the paradise you've never heard of. Rarotonga is the largest island of the Cooks and is a small sanctuary of beautiful food, smiling people and some of the warmest oceans you'll ever find.


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