In Month: December 2013

City Blueprint: Singapore

Singapore is a bit like the overachieving adopted child of South East Asia – it just really doesn’t fit in. The other countries are ridiculously cheap while Singapore is a tad expensive. The other countries have filthy streets while in Singapore you can lick the pavement. In other Read more

City Blueprint: Cusco, Peru

Cusco is a cozy little city in the south of Peru. At first glance it feels like just another tourist hotspot overwhelmed by westerners but beneath the surface there’s a little more to it. The city has a very homely feel and its narrow alleyways and cobblestone roads give it a unique South Read more

I Lost A Friend Today

I lost an old friend today. She wasn’t my best friend, she wasn’t even really a “good” friend, but she was a friend. We’d shared drinks before, shared laughs, we’d even had little chats about life and love and all the funny things in between. It’s been Read more

The Wisdom Of A Fisherman

This is a story that was written in Tim Ferriss’ book, The 4 Hour Work Week. So simple and so true. It might make you feel stupid like it did me, but sometimes that’s exactly what we need – someone to tell us that we really aren’t that smart. Enjoy! An American businessman Read more

City Blueprint: Shanghai, China

Shanghai feels like the centre of the universe these days. There are students and professionals from literally every corner of the world, a new skyscraper seems to go up every hour and the city blows up every weekend with too many events, parties and festivals to count. The city has undergone a Read more