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What’s the Best Way To Send Money Overseas?

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Sending money overseas is more complicated than it should be. Bank to bank transfers are usually expensive, and most cash-pickup services are prohibitively expensive.

This has been a large issue for me over the years, as I am constantly sending and receiving money to and from foreign countries. I've tried most services online, all of them work fine, but many are costly and some take longer than others. I've had times where more than 10% was chopped off my transfer on the other end. 

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2018 In Review: A Testing Year

What a year! 2018 is behind us, but as I always I need to take that final look back before I say goodbye. As most of you already know, I had a mixed 2018. Lots of ups and downs, but nothing that I didn’t learn from or appreciate in some way. It was probably my “worst” year Read more

A Beginner’s Guide To Abidjan, Ivory Coast

West Africa is a place that’s been on my list for so many years. I’ve set foot on the north, the east and the south of the continent, but the west has always escaped me until now. When my schedule and a cheap flight lined up this year, I had to go. I booked a flight from the Read more

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