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How To Find A Super Cheap Flight

An in-depth guide to searching for cheap flights anywhere in the world. You’ll learn how to use flight search engines, different hacks and search techniques, and general guidelines that help you find the cheapest flights to anywhere at any time.

How To Find Cheap Accommodation

A guide to finding affordable accommodation without sacrificing safety or comfort. You’ll learn the different booking websites that provide reliable results, other unconventional options, and general guidelines for finding the cheapest, most comfortable and most convenient accommodation for you.

Everything You Need To Know About Travel Insurance

Things go wrong when we travel. While we can’t always control what happens, we can make sure we’re protected. A lot of travellers leave home without travel insurance which is extremely risky and I always, always recommend people buy at least the lowest level of cover. You can get insured for around $2-$3 per day for most destinations. In my guide I break down everything you need to know about travel insurance, including where and how to get it, things to look for in a good policy and why it’s so important.

How To Research Your Travel Destinations (For Free)

You no longer need to carry around clunky guidebooks. I show you how to find up-to-date information on any destination, and the various resources you can use to find on-the-ground intel about your place of interest so you can go exactly where you want to go and see exactly what you want to see. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a thing.

How To Avoid Bank Fees and Access Money While Travelling (for Kiwis!)

Accessing money is often a tricky and expensive affair, but it doesn’t need to be. I talk about the best options for banking, currency exchange and credit cards on the road so you can save money on bank fees and get the best rate when changing foreign currency. My post is tailored for Kiwis, but click into the article and I’ll point you to the right place for your home country.

How To Get An Extra 7 Weeks In Bali And Save Money While Doing It

A practical walk-through of how to book a trip for a fraction of the price of advertised “holiday deals.” One newspaper advertisement asks for $2,000 for a 7 day trip to Bali. We’ll make it 7 weeks, and it will still come out cheaper.

How To Make Friends While Travelling Alone

It can be daunting to travel on your own. I talk about the different ways you can make friends as a lone wanderer so you can have amazing adventures as a solo traveller, and why travelling alone can actually bless you with more new friends than you’re able to deal with.

The Practical Guide To Making Money While Travelling

If you want to stay on the road long-term, it’s important that you’re able to refill the bank. I talk about 7 opportunities for making money while travelling. All are supported by real world examples, give estimates for working hours and pay rates, and have links to all the necessary resources you need to get started.

16 Ways To Travel The World For Free

Travel doesn’t always need to cost money. Whether it’s flights, accommodation, entertainment, transport or food that’s breaking your budget, there are ways to get it for free. In this post I share 16 zero-dollar ideas to ease the budget on your next trip.

My Resource List For World Travellers

A comprehensive list of resources that I use to stay on the road. All have been used extensively by me over the course of my travels and I recommend from experience. There are many resources out there today for independent travellers but not all are established or reliable. I point you straight to the best so you can make your travels safer, cheaper and stress-free.

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