N26 Review – Is This The Ultimate Bank For Travellers?

27 thoughts on “N26 Review – Is This The Ultimate Bank For Travellers?

  1. I was really excited about this and clicked the link to apply for my account. Only to find out it’s not available in Canada. Having lived in both Canada and NZ, seems odd to me that something is available in NZ but not Canada. Did you have to state a different country of residence to be eligible for this, or is it actually just limited in it’s availability?

  2. I wish I had found your blog before departing on my long trip around Europe. Your articles are well written and easy to understand. Many thanks for treading the unknown path and sharing your discoveries.

  3. Been using N26 for 2 years now – as you say it’s fantastic. I love it and recommend it. I had one transaction declined so called the help centre from A Coruna in Spain – they pointed out tht my daily limit had Brennan exceeded (I’d deliberately reduced it) I changed it on line via the app and it was immediately reflected and was able to process the transaction/ and reduce it after 🙂

  4. Hi Bren, I have opened a N26 a/c but have to transfer the nzd to our Ausi ANZ bank a/c then from there to N26 via either Transfer wise or XE.com, the card is being sent to a French address where we will be visiting or they can post it as we are swapping houses simultaneously! Is it all worth it ?

  5. Hi Bren,

    We are travelling by boat through the EU. Do you think we can use say the address of a marina we will be staying at for a month to set up the account?

    1. They only need an address to send you the card. They never send you anything after that, everything is digital. So as long as you are there long enough to receive the card then yes, it will be fine.

  6. Hi, great article, everything sound good, but can you connect this Master debit card with booking.com? to make reservations?
    because I found out that on booking there is only options for Visa, MasterCard and American to be precise credit cards… I never saw Mastercard debit card, for example I have Maestro debit card which is actually the same company… this is not possible to connect with booking. I personally also don’t like conventional banks they really have to high fees. so this card sounds really good, I hope you have just one minute of time to try and see if booking.com accepts this card
    thank you in advance

  7. Hi Bren, I am sorry but there are some mistakes in the whole story …. looks like everybody can open an account but that’s not true. I live in European union but country is not in Euro Zone so N26 does not offer services to us. I contacted N26 support tying to open account…. I don’t know how you can have their account because New Zealand is not on the list ….
    ” We offer our accounts throughout Europe: in Germany, Austria, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Estonia, Greece, Slovakia, the UK, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.”
    this is not whole Europe …. I’m little bit disappointed because i also wanted to open

  8. A question if I may ask. I am a South African who works for a Chinese owned company in the Philippines. They have offered to pay me from Hong Kong if I have an account there on all travel expenses used in Hong Kong. Is our office in Hong Kong able to pay my travels etc into the N26 account? Which ideally will save me all the exchange costs. Otherwise, then the HKD is converted to Pesos and then I am paid in pesos on all travel expenses. Then when I go abroad I exchange again to HKD….Just a waste. If they can pay directly into one account without losing so much exchange, and I don’t need to convert it again etc etc. So N26 becomes the travel card and the company can just credit me back in that card from Hong Kong and I just spend back there. As you Know opening an account in Hong Kong without a residency ID is the most painful experience.

      1. Hi Bren, your page came up to me in no time as I do feel quite desperate here, as just a few minutes ago I made a debit order from my Angolan Standard Bank account which did go through as I intended to fund my recently opened N26 account for which I used my Sister Netherland address in other to receive the card from, but now as I logged in my N26 account app, while trying to find out how long would the fund take until it reflected upon my account, via Chat, l was told that it only supported incoming transfers from the SEPE region, now I feel confused as what I am suppose to do though I haven’t alarmed my bank yet as N26 hadn’t replied to my email yet, but if you have any info on the matter, please do advise me on what to do friend, I mean, wether the swift/IBAN transfer would bounce out or not. Please do remember that the Swift Transfer were made from my Bank in Angola onto my N26 Account, in Euro currency.


  9. Hi Bren. Our family of 4 from NZ is travelling for 12 months in 2020 – about 6 months Asia, 4 months Europe and the remainder in the Middle East and Sri Lanka. Would it be worth upgrading to the black since a lot of our trip will be outside Europe? Thanks!

    1. It depends – you still get 5 free withdrawals per month which for me is more than enough. And even after that it’s only 2 euros per withdrawal after that. So you’ll need to be doing more than 10 withdrawals per months (one every 3 days) for Black to be worth it. I’d probably just stick with free.

      1. Thanks for the reply Bren and for all the awesome information on your site! With the N26 – does it pair with your smartphone or with your phone number? I’ll take my iPhone with us on our trip but was going to buy SIM cards for data in each country as and when needed. Would that force me to unlink and re-connect my new number each time? Can I not access and view my transactions on my laptop? Obviously in Europe I can stay on one sim but we are doing about 10 countries through Asia first. Or hopefully you know of some amazing product that will allow me to use my phone anywhere without changing sims… TIA.

        1. It connects to your phone number, but you only need your phone number to set up the app. After that you just log in with your password or fingerprint. But it’s a good idea to travel with your NZ sim. In most countries Vodafone NZ works and you can receive texts, which is all you need.

  10. I’ve tried to join N26 and get this response:
    While N26 is currently available in 24 countries across Europe, we’re not available in your country yet. We’ll be happy to let you know if this changes.
    We appreciate your interest in N26!
    Your N26 Team”
    Currently in NZ, but I have a French address and live 5 months a year in France. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

  11. I love my N26 card especially when I travel to countries outside the Eurozone. With 0% foreign exchange mark up I couldn’t be happier. Also, when my wallet got stolen and the card was inside they were able to waive their 6euro fee to reship.

  12. Been using N26 (free) for a couple of years and it’s great. Use it for all our European and Asian holidays. Fees are much cheaper than what ASB charges.
    Love your site!!!

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