The Best Places to Stay in Langkawi (for Every Budget)

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last updated: October 17, 2022

Langkawi is a great little island nestled in Malaysia, home to busy beaches, a lively nightlife culture and some of the friendliest locals around.

I’ll be running through the best place to stay in Langkawi for all budgets, and some fun things to add to your to-do list as well, whether you fancy being in the hustle and bustle or out in the sticks. There are some fantastic options that offer more peace and quiet and are only a moped ride away…

cheap hotels in Langkawi

The island itself is very easy to get around, with cheap moped and car hire, as well as Uber and taxis available. The two main beaches are within walking distance of each other (with plenty of air-conditioned shops and bars to stop off at on the way!) and most hotels and hostels here are just minutes away from the sand. If you’re wondering where to stay in Langawki, I’ve got you covered.

Cenang Beach

Best place to stay in Langkawi

Cenang Beach is the main touristy area of Langkawi, just a short ride away from the airport and packed with restaurants, beach bars and places to stay. The main street is parallel to the beach and is home to various convenience stores, such as 7-Eleven, as well as little boutiques and market stalls. There are accommodation options for every budget here, from beach huts to hostels to fancy hotels.

Where to Stay In Cenang?

For the Backpacker

Rainbow Langkawi Inn is the best place to be if you’re a backpacker. They offer cheap dorm rooms, as well as well-priced privates and houses. The WiFi is speedy, you’re a five-minute walk to the beach and there’s a cafe on-site selling the best pasta on the island – just ask for Jules! The rooms are all kept nice and clean and there’s a really friendly buzz to this place. The best thing is the computer and printer they have in the office – perfect for printing last-minute tickets. This is the best place to stay in Langkawi if you’re travelling alone and want to meet like-minded backpackers. Best rates here.

For the Budget Traveller

If you’re after something mid-range, book a stay at Nadias Hotel in Cenang. Perfectly located right next to the mall, you can easily head out for a day of shopping, or enjoy the home comforts of a nearby Starbucks. There are plenty of local restaurants around here, too. The hotel is set back about a hundred metres from the beach, giving you amazing views and easy access to the waves. The hotel has a cool indoor pool as well as an in-house spa, room service and speedy WiFi. What more could you need? Best rates here.

For the High Roller

Look no further than Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort. This place is well-known on the island for offering total luxury, and for having the best strip of beach right in front of it! You can choose from lake, beach or garden views from your private chalet, which will be within walking distance from the beach. The pool areas here are unbeatable, decked out with sun-loungers, fancy bars and great live bands. If you’re craving some quiet time, enjoy the stretch of white sand in front of the hotel. For those after something more lively, a two-minute walk will have you on Cenang’s main strip of bars, restaurants and shops. If you don’t mind a little splurge on luxury and happiness, there’s no better place than this. Best rates here!

Pantai Tengah

Where to stay in Langkawi

This is another section of the island that is popular with tourists, but much quieter than busy Cenang. It’s around a twenty-minute walk from Cenang and its amenities, so you’re not totally isolated! If you’re wondering where to stay in Langkawi that offers a mix of nightlife and chilled vibes, look no further, this is the region for you!

Tengah is home to its own array of quirky shops, cafes and restaurants, my favourite being the 24-hr Indian heaven called Tomato. This little end of the island is also home to most of the late-night bars and clubs. For a wild night out, head to Marrakesh, Sunba, BamBooBa or The Woods.

However, honeymooners and families shouldn’t be put off – this end of the island has its tranquil side too and there are many spots perfect for couples looking for alone time. In fact, some of the best resorts on the island can be found here.

Where to stay in Pantai Tengah?

For the Backpacker

The Crowded House is the perfect combination of cheap, clean and friendly. Each little room comes with bed and en-suite, as well as access to a kitchen and living area. This place became one of my favourite stop-offs for its tranquility – it’s set back near the rainforest, ten minutes from the beach and surrounded by luscious greenery, wandering cows and a private pool. Enjoy WiFi, friendly neighbours and the chance to really escape from it all. This is the best place to stay in Langkawi if you’re a solo backpacker, as there are always loads of friendly faces around. Best rates here.

For the Budget Traveller

La Pari-Pari is the spot for those looking for comfort on a budget. Situated in the quieter part of Pantai Tengah, around ten minutes away from the nearest beach, as well as a big outdoor pool available for all guests. The on-site restaurant is one of the best on the island, too! The hotel is nestled in the backdrop of the forest, so is peaceful and calm. Cenang centre is about a twenty-minute walk, plus there are some fantastic cafes and bars nearby. This is undoubtedly the best place to stay in Langkawi if you’re after some peaceful alone time by the beach. Best rates here.

For the High Roller

Not for the faint hearted, the Ambong Pool Villas are fit for royalty. No luxury is spared here – private lap pools, staff that cater to your every whim, breakfast delivered right to your door. Private drivers are available until midnight to take you anywhere you want to go. Not to mention, you’ll be right in the middle of a private rainforest, waking up to sounds of monkeys and seabreeze right outside your window. There’s no need to leave your villa and you probably won’t ever want to. Comes with a price tag, but if you’re after an unforgettable honeymoon or anniversary, there is no better place on the island than this. Best rates here!

Kuah Town

Kuah Town is an interesting area of Langkawi that is normally just a stop-over for tourists to the island. While it has its charms (cheap restaurants and shopping malls), I’d suggest staying here for a night or two before exploring the rest of the island.

Make the most of Kuah while you’re there, however, and get your fill of delicious local food – the best restaurants are those by the side of the road. The main mall here is cheap and offers a mix of international and local brands, as well as eateries.

You may find it hard to meet other travellers outside your accommodation, so it’s not the best place for solo travellers. Still a cool little place to check out though!

Where to stay in Kuah Town?

For the Backpacker

Best Seven Motel is a great choice for backpackers after a cheap place to stay. It might be pretty basic but it’s clean, well-located and has speedy WiFi. You’ll be close to plenty of restaurants and bars, as well as the airport and Kuah jetty. Kuah is pretty hectic at times, so rent a moped or grab an Uber to the beach – it’ll take you around 30 minutes to get to the nicer beaches from here. Great for those on a tight budget. Best rates here.

For the Budget Traveller

If you’re after something mid-range, head to Langkawi Yacht Club. It’s located just outside the main centre of Kuah Town so is nice and quiet in the evenings. A short ride will take you into Kuah Town and you’ll be around 30 minutes from the airport. The Club offers clean, light rooms at low prices – the views are the main attraction, however! The Yacht Club is sat overlooking the harbour, so make sure you grab a drink, or dinner, and take it all in. As always, speedy WiFi is available and the staff are always on-hand to help. Easy on the bank account, too. Best rates here.

For the High Roller

For a little luxury in Kuah, look no further than Adya Hotel. This is the best of the best in Kuah, thanks to its fancy rooms, huge pool and stunning views across the ocean. In-house spa, fitness centre and a hearty room-service menu makes it a legit upper end offering on this side of the island. Well located near Kuah Town, Kuah jetty and Langkawi’s main attractions too. If you’re after peace and luxury in Kuah Town, this is your spot. Best rates here!

Padang Matsirat

Another area of Langkawi that is slightly out of the main tourist route, Matsirat is worth a stay for a night or two.

While there might not be much going on, it can be the perfect place to relax and unwind. There aren’t many hostels here, as the main backpacker scenes are along the Cenang and Tengah beaches. Therefore I’d suggest steering clear if you’re travelling alone, mainly because you won’t meet many other people here (unless that’s what you want, of course).

For couples or families, Matsirat can be a nice break from the island’s flocks of tourists.

Accommodation out this way isn’t too varied, most are in the mid range in terms of price and flash. 

Where to stay in Padang Matsirat?

The Smith House is a probably the top choice around here. All the comforts of a mid range hotel, you can look forward to a huge pool, WiFi and room-service, alongside roomy, clean suites. The hotel is around 15km away from the main areas of the island, so you’ll need to rent a car or moped (or grab an Uber) to get out to the main strips of restaurants and bars. The beaches are a ride away, too, but you’ll have a beautiful pool in relaxing surroundings if you’re desperate for a dip. Great no-frills place that has everything you should need. Best rates here.

Datai Beach

Best place to stay in Langkawi

Undoubtedly the gem of Langkawi, Datai Beach area is packed with pricey hotels and luxury bars and restaurants. Definitely not the place for a backpacker or budget traveller, as the hotels tend are expensive and marketed almost solely towards couples and honeymooners. However if that’s what you’re looking for, Datai offers a glimpse of the glitzy Langkawi – glorious beaches, great hospitality and total luxury. If you’re bringing a special someone to Langkawi, head straight to Datai Beach, you won’t be disappointed.

Where to stay in Datai Beach?

The Andaman lives up to its repuation as the big daddy of fancy resorts, and it’s not hard to see why. This hotel offers the best of everything, from rainforest-backdrops to stunning views across the Andaman Sea, making it the best place to stay in Langkawi. Make the most of the in-house spa and enjoy world-class treatments in the most beautiful setting. You’ll be located within minutes of the island’s best golf resort, too! If that’s not enough, you can also take advantage of the on-site gym, yoga studio and huge pool. There’s even a stretch of private beach for guests to enjoy. Doesn’t get much better than this.

Tanjung Rhu

Where to stay in Langkawi

This is another area of the island that is saturated with great (read: pricey!) hotels and stunning beaches. Tanjung Rhu is very secluded, so there isn’t much to do here except wake up late, lounge on the beach, lounge in the resort, eat, and go back to sleep. If that’s what you want, Tanjung Rhu offers one of the best beaches on the island, and is home to a very small number (but excellent) little bars and restaurants, too. If you fancy a break from it all, while enjoying crystal waters, this is the place for you.

Where to stay in Tanjung Rhu?

For the Budget Traveller

Despite being luxe-central, Tanjung Rhu does offer some fantastic mid-range accommodation. Sunset Bay Cottage is as quaint as it sounds, with quirky little rooms and a lovely, natural vibe to it. Expect seashells and brightly-coloured throws as you step into this little haven. The rooms are all kitted out with WiFi and some have plasma TVs (make sure you check when booking!). You’ll be a short distance from the beach, restaurants and other attractions on the island. This is the best place to stay in Langkawi if you’re after a taste of luxury on a budget. Best rates here.

For the High Roller

The Four Seasons Resort is arguably the best place to stay in Langkawi, thanks to its array of luxury offerings. Enjoy the stunning private beach as well as the unbelievable views from the hotel rooms. You can book a room or private villa, all of which have access to the various on-site pools. While staying here, you can also make the most of the rock-climbing facilities, archery area and abseiling facilities. If you’re after something more relaxing, head down to their spa and unwind. There are 4 restaurants nestled in the hotel, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Best rates here!

Enjoy Langkawi!


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