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If you’re here it means you’ve just finished my freelance writing course. I hope you learned a ton, hopefully you’ve already got a client or two! If not, just keep grinding. You’ll get there, I promise.

Now that you’ve been through all the lessons, I’d like to give you the chance to support the site. Obviously writing a course like that takes many long nights and I offer my material for free because I’m passionate about helping others create lives they’re excited about.

However a site like this costs money to run, and just keeping this blog online costs over a thousand bucks a year. Because I’m committed to keeping this site ad-free, it relies on the support of you, my readers, to keep this train running.

If you click the green button below, you’ll get taken to my donation cart, where you’ll be invited to give something back for this freelance writing course. Usually courses like this can cost anywhere between $50-$200, but I’m definitely not expecting you to give anywhere near that much. In fact, I’d like to invite you to give as much or as little as you like.

Of course, this is optional. If you can’t spare anything right now, everything on my blog is still free for you to use, and you’re still welcome to go through the emails as you build your writing career. This is just an opportunity to support the site if you feel like it’s helped you in any big way.

If you’d like to jump on board, just click the green button below. You’ll be taken to a cart where you can give something back for the course. As a suggestion, $5-$10 would be awesome, but you’re welcome to give any amount you like. If you can only spare a couple of dollars, that’s awesome too.

Thank you so much! I’ll see you on the road.



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