Resources for “So, you wanna be a traveller?”

If you’re here, it means you’ve read my book “So, You Wanna Be A Traveller?” (if you haven’t, click here to get your free copy).

As promised, all tools and resources discussed in the book are listed below for easy access.

Chapter 1: Sell all your crap

In Chapter 1 we talked about selling all the stuff you never use (which is most of it). Here’s where you can do it:


The #1 auction website in the world, perfect for selling all your junk.


Also a great option to sell stuff, depending on where you live.


I’ve personally never done this, but it’s fast becoming a preferred way to sell online.

Also, unless you live in the USA, there might be a different website tailored to your home country. For example, in New Zealand I use a website called TradeMe. Do some research and find out.

Chapter 2: Stop buying new crap

In Chapter 2 we talked about saving. Not too many resources are required for this, but the links discussed in the chapter are below:

A free website for keeping track of your spending

N0-fee credit cards:

No fee credit cards in Australia

No fee credit cards in USA

No fee credit cards in Canada

No fee credit cards in the UK

No fee credit cards in Singapore

No fee credit cards in The Philippines

No fee credit cards in New Zealand

Chapter 3: Build new income streams


Upwork – (formerly Elance) – A great website for kicking off your freelance career

Freelance writers den – A paid forum where you can learn the ropes of becoming a freelance writer.

How I made $4,000 in my first month on Elance – My blog post about getting started in freelancing.

Online selling

Ebay – Perfect website for starting your online store.

Alibaba – A Chinese wholesaling website where you can buy almost anything.

AliExpress – A spinoff site by Alibaba, which you may find easier to navigate as everything is in English (prices are the same as Alibaba, as far as I can see).

Amazon – Also possible to source products from here and resell them, assuming you live outside the US.

Etsy – Great for selling home-made jewellery, arts and crafts, paintings etc.

Building a website

How to start a blog in 10 simple steps – My free guide to starting a blog. Everything is included, from registering your domain to earning your first check.

Siteground – The company I use for web hosting. Around $4 a month should get you your own website, a domain name, and awesome support (if you’re a new to owning a website, you’ll need it!). There are many web hosts out there but Siteground is my first recommendation.

WordPress – Perfect for setting up your first website. Bluehost has a “1-click WordPress install” so you won’t need to download this if you’re hosting with them.

Studiopress – In my opinion the best place to buy your WordPress theme.

Elegant Themes – Another popular WordPress theme provider.

(Note: WordPress has many free themes available too, so buying a theme isn’t essential)

Fiverr – A great place to find yourself a freelance web designer to build your site.


Adsense – Where you apply for Google’s Adsense program. This is an example of an AdSense ad:

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing networks are amazing sources of affiliate opportunties. If you’re planning on starting a blog, it’s best to sign up to all of them and start building relationships.

Commission Junction – One of the biggest affiliate networks out there.

Flexoffers – Really reliable network with a lot of good opportunities

Affiliate Window – Large international affiliate network with several big name companies available

Shareasale – Smaller company but good for digital products/services

Clickbank – Another great place to find affiliate programs to join.

Amazon Associates – Where you can join Amazon’s affiliate program.

Triple Your Travel – This is my premium ebook, which has an open affiliate program. I offer a very generous 51% commission rate – you earn more than I do! Click here to join.

Creating your own products

E-junkie – A shopping cart where you can sell products you have created such as courses  and e-books.

Sendowl – The shopping cart I use to sell my products. In my opinion far superior to e-junkie, but more expensive too.

eBooks the Smart way – Patt Flynn from has an awesome free guide about how to write a successful ebook. Just subscribe to his list and you’ll get a copy.

More ways of making money online

Swagbucks – Online network where you can earn money for doing surveys, among other things.

American Consumer Opinion – Really good market research site where you can get paid to do surveys quite regularly, even as a non-American. Sign up and they’ll simply email you when surveys are available.

Ebates – Online rebates site where you can cash back on your online shopping. Yes, it works!

User Testing – Get paid for testing websites. Good no-brainer work to earn a few bucks.

More ways of making money on the road

i-to-i TEFL – Get TEFL qualified and find English teaching jobs.

Work on a Cruise Ship – A book detailing everything you need to find work on a cruise ship.

All Cruise Jobs – A free website for finding cruise ship work.

Au Pair World – A free website for finding au pair work.

y Travel Blog – Travel blog with a wealth of working holiday information.

Chapter 4: Plan your trip and take off

Global ATM Alliance – A list of banks belonging to the Global ATM Alliance, which allows you to withdraw money overseas without paying fees.

World Nomads – Where I buy my travel insurance.

Wikitravel – Great place to begin your destination research.

Cheap flights – My guide to finding super cheap flights.

Cheap accommodation – My guide to finding cheap accommodation.

Questions? Just ask.


Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission if you use these links to make a purchase. All products listed here I can vouch for personally and confidently stand behind every affiliate link on this page. If you have any questions about any of the links listed here, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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