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On Happiness:

The One Simple Lifestyle Change That Will Transform Your Life – Perhaps the best article to start with to understand my work, my personal philosophy and approach to life.

The Real Reason I Quit My Job To Travel The World – A look into my pre-travel life and the thoughts and reasons that led to the journey I’m on today.

The Question That Changed My Life – A pivotal question I needed to hear at the crossroads of my life and how it still influences me today.

On Life Choices:

Dreams, Love, Fear & Pride: A Letter To Everyone In Their Twenties (And Beyond) – Our twenties is a turbulent time for most of us. As I entered my thirties, I wrote this letter to share the lessons of my twenties, and encourage those still there to remember what is truly important in our lives.

Solving The Quarter Life Crisis – Most of us get to 25 and feel lost in the world. That’s not our fault. This article shares inconvenient truths about our upbringings and what we can do to re-find purpose in our lives.

It’s Not About The Money – We often follow the money blindly, regardless of whether it takes us in the direction we truly want to go. I talk about five questions we can ask ourselves to ensure our work is about more than money, allowing us to live a more fulfilling, purposeful life.

Everything I Learned About Life And Happiness I Learned From Accounting – With the unpredictable nature of life, I show how the rigid principles of accounting can be used to understand and pursue happiness. Sounds like a tough read, but I think you’ll like it.

Am I Suffering From Peter Pan Syndrome? – Men are often shamed as “Peter Pans” when turning away from choices outside the status-quo. I talk about dealing with the social pressure to conform, and why it’s okay to doubt yourself when you shift from the herd.

On Travel:

Why Travelling Alone Will Change You Forever – An article about my first solo travel experience, and the leaps in personal growth and confidence that solo travel can offer.

What People Are Doing When They Travel To “Find Themselves” – What the glamourised concept of “finding yourself” through travel really means and why it’s important.

Why Everyone Should Work a 9-5 Before Travelling – I talk about the influence my short 9-5 career had on my life and why it’s an important part of understanding culture, freedom and yourself.

The Dark Side Of Travelling – A reflective article on why travelling isn’t always joyous and the emotional struggle that comes with it.

On Culture Around The World:

Tiny Ramblings From Around The World – Short, random thoughts on people, places and culture around the world.

Have You Been To Tanzania? – A up-close look at the fascinating culture and lifestyle of one of my favourite countries.

Tell Me Your Secrets, Okinawa – Okinawans live longer than anyone else in the world. I try to uncover their secrets on a short visit.

Visiting Gallipoli: Two Sides To A Story – As a New Zealander, Gallipoli has always been a place of patriotism and pride. I finally visit the battle site and hear the other side of the story.

When Broken Glass Floats: A Chilling Look Into Cambodia’s Tragic Past – I get a deeper look at the tragic Cambodian genocide, and the effects it has on generations today.

Inside Manila: A Walk Through The Slums Of The Philippine Capital – Behind the glitzy shopping malls is another side of Manila. I meet with the slum-dwellers of Philippines’ capital and get a close-up of their difficult but interesting lives.

Why You Need To Go To Bulgaria – A hidden gem on the Europe travel scene, I break down what makes Bulgaria so mesmerising after a three week visit.

Personal Stories

A Walk On Wall Street – During my time in New York, I finally walked down the street I’d once idolised. A short story about letting old dreams go and moving forward.

Melancholic In Montpellier – A story about the many magical people you meet on the road, and why it’s so important to cherish these connections when you travel.

Five Days In London – A quick trip to London to visit old friends unexpectedly becomes a deeply reflective experience on travel and life. Even though things change, old friendships always remain the same.

A Bowl Of Potato Soup In Rotorua – Sometimes when you travel, you meet a pretty girl. Perhaps it’s something, but often you never get the chance to find out. This is the story that every traveller has but never tells.

I Found New Zealand In Ahipara – While we crave adventure in faraway places, sometimes our greatest lessons are waiting for us in our own backyard. A surf trip to Ahipara ended up being about a lot more than surfing.

It Started At A Salsa Club In Quito – Sometimes you knock on a door that takes you further down a rabbit hole than you ever expected. This is a story of how one dance class turned into an obsession, with potent lessons on fear, friendship and life.

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